Salvador Perez, Mindy Kaling’s costume designer for The Mindy Project, talks in the Costume Designers Guild Awards about Mindy’s maternity style.

In the third season was when Mindy got pregnant with her colleague Danny Castellano so her style will change in the future episodes. Salvador said to “I love whenever I can build something for her.”

He added that “It’s very funny. Mindy and I usually see eye to eye on everything, and her vision of maternity and mine are very different. I think in real life, if Mindy Kaling were ever pregnant, she would not buy maternity clothes. Mindy loves a knit dress. We all love a good, knit dress. I think her maternity is going to be a sea of knit dresses.”

About this, he also talks about the costume design for Bitch Perfect 2 that he does to the film. He said that it will be different from the Mindy’s maternity style.

The Mindy Project is a Fox TV serial which deals with a woman named Mindy (Mindy Kaling) which, in spite of having a brilliant career as a gynecologist, suddenly she need break with everything and begin to do things well … because she is a disaster and politically incorrect.