It was first reported last year and Deadline has shared some news about Jesse Owens‘ biopic, starring Anthony Mackie.

Relativy Studios is planning on buy the script of the Jesse Owens biopic which will be starred by Anthony Mackie as the heroic American sprinter who dominated the 1936 Berlin Olympics much to the chagrin of Adolf Hitler. If the studio finally decides to buy the script they’ll also finance the project.

The idea is to start production in October of this year to get the movie out in cinemas by the 2016 Summer Olympics, date in which Owens’ dramatic Games will celebrate it 80th anniversay. Owen won four gold medals and left Hitler’s prized athletes, and his theory that the Germans were a superior race, choking on his dust.

Anthony Mackie is being very busy these years, back in December Paramount acquired the comedy spec package Make A Wish in which he is involved and he will return as Falcon/Sam Wilson in Captain America: Civirl War, with a release date for March 2016. Mackie has more upcoming projects like Our Brand Is Crisis, from Warner Bros. and Sony’s untitled Christmas comedy alongside Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt (that has been already filmed).

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