AMC has released the official descriptions of the main characters from Halt and Catch Fire‘s season two, check them out below!


Halt and Catch Fire returns this month with the season two premire, the episode 2×01 ‘SETI’ on Sunday, May 31st to AMC,and we’ve been sharing this week all the latest news, pictures in HQ, synopsis from the four first episodes and much more that you can see by clicking here!

Now, get ready to read a very complete summary of the main characters from season two and to find out where we’re going to find them after the destructive finale from season one.

Some of them have changed a lot and others are struggling with old and/or new battles, you’ve been warned about spoilers, if you keep reading is under your own responsability! I am also including descriptions for some new characters:

imgboxLee Pace returns as Joe MacMillan – It has been over a year since Joe MacMillan made his destructive exit from Cardiff Electric and set out on a solitary trek to Fisk Observatory. There, he reconnected with Sara Wheeler, a college friend and intellectual sparring partner who knew Joe before his creative ambition was corrupted by Machiavellian tendencies. They have been together ever since, and Sara’s love and understanding have helped Joe tame his inner demons and rediscover his better, truer self. After sidelining himself for a year, Joe is eager to return to work, but his reputation remains a major hurdle. With few options, he accepts a job offer from Sara’s father, Jacob Wheeler, the formidable chief of a Dallas oil company called Westgroup Energy. It’s a drone job, but Joe’s passion for tech and his knack for the breakthrough idea means he won’t be at the bottom for long. As Joe climbs the ladder at Westgroup Energy, he will re-enter the lives of the people he hurt at Cardiff. And Joe’s struggle to overcome their skepticism won’t be the only hurdle he faces.

Check out all the promotional pictures in HQ of the main characters (I’m adding some in this post but not all of them) by clicking here!

imgboxScoot McNairy returns as Gordon Clark  As president of Cardiff Electric for the past 14 months, Gordon has been burning the candle at both ends to meet the demands of introducing new products while managing a large company. Now Nathan Cardiff has sold off his company, leaving Gordon with a sizeable payout and a lot of time on his hands. With Donna happily absorbed with her work at Mutiny, Gordon feels good about taking on the daily responsibilities of the household and parenting that she had shouldered for so long. He builds a computer workshop in the garage, but finds that inspiration eludes him. Thanks to a Mutiny game, Gordon finally gets his tech mojo back; however, in his eagerness to help Mutiny, he may end up creating more problems than he solves.

Mackenzie Davis returns as Cameron Howe – After being put through the wringer at Cardiff Electric, Cameron has bounced back and created the company of her dreams in Mutiny. She and her band of misfits, including Cardiff veterans Lev and YoYo, have built and environment where she feels safe, understood and at peace. Despite its early success, Mutiny is in a precarious position, forever playing catch-up in the race to provide sufficient computing power to its online game players. As she confronts the uncomfortable realities of running a business, Cameron finds an unexpected source of emotional support, and maybe more, in Mutiny’s new coder, Tom Rendon.

Kerry Bishé returns as Donna Clark – Donna is energized by her work at Mutiny, where she finally has the opportunity to use her talents to their fullest. However, she also recognizes that Mutiny needs organization if it’s going to survive. She’s alarmed by the way the day to day business is being run – or ignored – and tries to convince Cameron of the gravity of the situation, without much success. When Donna notices that the online chat rooms are increasingly attracting users, she suspects she’s found the key to Mutiny’s future. Cameron is skeptical, but Donna lobbies for a block of time and network space to develop the idea further. Consumed by the concept of virtual human connection, Donna grows increasingly disconnected from her life at home.


John Bosworth returns as Toby Huss – Released from prison after serving time for embezzlement, Bosworth isn’t sure what he’s coming back to. Cardiff is gone, his divorce has been finalized, and his relationship with his son is uncertain.  However, he does have stalwart support from Cameron; their bond has been deepened by their steady correspondence during Bosworth’s incarceration. Cameron gives him a job at Mutiny, where he wrestles with self-doubt and struggles to find his footing among co-workers who are 30 years younger. But Boz has never been a quitter, and he isn’t about to start now.


James Cromwell will be Jacob Wheeler – The son of a midwestern carpet store owner, Jacob Wheeler pulled himself up by his proverbial bootstraps to conquer the business world. He has become immensely wealthy as the CEO and President of Westgroup Energy, a Texas oil conglomerate.  A physically imposing man with a larger-than-life personality, Jacob enjoys the rarefied opportunities afforded by his position, from daredevil athletic adventures and exotic travel to collecting pricey rarities like antique airplanes. While Jacob’s occasionally overbearing ways can set Sara on edge, father and daughter have a close and loving relationship. In the wake of Sara’s first disastrous marriage, Jacob is extremely protective of Sara and his job offer to Joe is as much a test as an act of generosity.

imgboxAleksa Palladino will be Sara Wheeler – A freelance journalist of keen intelligence and wide curiosity, Sara Wheeler has worked hard to forge her own path without relying on the largess of her wealthy father, Jacob Wheeler. When Joe tracked Sara down at Fisk Observatory, she was in deep retreat from the world, smarting from the discovery that her now ex-husband was a schemer after her father’s money. Sara and Joe fell deeply in love as they helped each other heal, and have begun building a life together. Sara believes in Joe and his potential to do great things, but remains alert to the possibility that he could slip back into his manipulative old ways. And as much as she loves him, Sara won’t put herself in a position to be hurt again.

Mark O’Brien wil be Tom Rendon – Though a tech employee at a Dallas law firm, Tom Rendon is an aspiring game designer and hacker who plays some underhanded tricks on Mutiny in a bratty, but successful attempt to get the company’s attention. While infuriated by Tom’s blasé self-confidence, Cameron can’t help but be impressed by his talent and hires him to work on game design and hardware at Mutiny. As he settles into work at Mutiny, the tension between Tom and Cameron fades and he shows himself to be someone she can trust, respect and possibly love.

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