TNT airs an all new episode of The Librarians this Sunday, titled 2×08 ‘… And the Point of Salvation’, watch the trailer above!


The next episode of The Librarians is titled 2×08 ‘… And the Point of Salvation’ and it airs on Sunday, December 13th on TNT at 8/7c.

In the video we can see how the team, Baird (Rebecca Romijn), Stone (Christian Kane), Cassandra (Lindy Booth) and Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) will be trapped in a time loop and they will have to run and die several times. I’m pretty sure Jenkins (John Larroquette) will help them from the Library!

You can read more about what will happen in the episode in the following synopsis and make sure to check out all our news about The Librarians by clicking here.

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Plot summary – The Clipping Book sends the team to a high-tech research facility, where the researchers have been turned into mindless monsters by some bizarre power source in the center’s lab. When they disconnect the artifact, however, they find themselves stuck in a time loop. Directed by Jonathan Frakes. Written by Jeremy Bernstein. Original airdate December 13th, 2015.