The season two finale of The Librarians airs this Sunday, the episode 2×10 ‘… And the Final Curtain’, watch the trailer above!


The Librarians arrive to an end of season two this Sunday, December 27th on TNT with an episode titled 2×10 ‘… And the Final Curtain’, but do not worry, the show has been renewed for a 12-episode third season.

Flynn and Baird will be the ones who will face Prospero and Moriarty (David S. Leein the last battle in order to defeat them and save the world (one more time) by having to travel in time while the rest of the team stay in the present.

The Librarians will return next year with season three, check out all our news about the show by clicking here!

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Plot summary – The Librarians discover that Prospero’s (Richard Coxrenewed magic is wreaking havoc with the technology of the world. He is recreating an idyllic forest utopia, whether we want one or not. In order to stop him, Flynn (Noah Wyle) and Baird (Rebecca Romijn) must travel back to 1611, while the rest of the team battles Prospero in the present. Little do they realize that they can only defeat Prospero in each time by finding a way to work together – separated by five centuries. Directed by Marc Roskin. Written by John Rogers & Paul Guyot. Original airdate December 27th, 2015.