Person Of Interest returns Tuesday, January 7th on CBS at 10:01 PM with the episode ‘Alethia’ ( 3.12 ).

CBS has released the synopsis of the episode ‘Alethia’ ( 3.12 ) and some promotional photos of it.

“Aletheia” – Multiple enemies converge on the POI team as they protect a dying man with a connection to Finch’s past whose number has come up. They struggle to keep their enemies at bay without Reese, who has left the team and their mission behind following the tragic war with HR. However, being down one man could have catastrophic repercussions for the team, on PERSON OF INTEREST.

Camryn Manheim and Saul Rubinek guest star as Control and Arthur Claypool.

Jim Caviezel (Reese)
Michael Emerson (Finch)
Kevin Chapman (Detective Fusco)
Sarah Shahi (Shaw)
Amy Acker (Root)

WRITTEN BY: Lucas O’Connor
DIRECTED BY: Richard J. Lewis

It looks like Reese still did not recovered from Carter’s death just like me ! Let’s hope he will be back in the team soon !

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