• Original title: Oblivion
• Year: 2013
• Directed by Joseph Kosinski
• Cast: Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough.
•  Release Date (USA): 19 April, 2013  see more countries

Oblivion is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Joseph Kosinski, the director of the movie.

The movie opens with Tech 49 Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) having dreams about a mysterious woman (Olga Kurylenko).Then we move to the present time where we meet Vika (Andrea Riseborough). She is Jack’s communication officer. It is the year 2077, Earth was nearly destroyed sixty years ago in a war against aliens called the Scavengers (Scavs). The alien destroyed the moon causing natural disasters. Humans won the war by using nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons irradiated most of the planet and left it uninhabitable. The survivors left Earth and migrated to the Tet, a giant space station which leaves Earth soon. Jack Harper and Vika are one of the last humans left in the Earth, their mission: maintain the drones who protect the ocean-borne power stations.

The first scene of the movie, just after Jack’s dream is phenomenal. We discover the beautiful Tower 49 where Jack and Vika leave. The sky is stunning. The music is wonderful. We also discover the Bubble ship, the one that Jack uses to travel. The moment when the Bubble ship takes off is visually epic.

The scene in the New York library is one of the turning point of the movie. Tech 49 Jack Harper finds the book  ‘Lays of Ancient Rome’, he also asks questions. He realizes that the Scavs did not try to kill him or to capture him.

We discover that Tech 49 Jack Harper has also discovered a small beautiful place where there are trees, grass, water and fishes. It raises more questions. We thought that Earth was all post-apocalyptic but this place is a true place of nature. Tech 49 has built a small house on this place with objects he has found in his missions.

The second turning of the movie is the arrival of Julia Rusakova (Olga Kurylenko) on earth, the woman from Jack’s dream. She awakens more questions in Jack’s head. Who is she ? There are lot of mysteries around Julia at the beginning. I love that they kept secret her character in this part of the movie and only reveal that she is Jack Harper’s wife after Tech 49 and her met Malcolm Beech and his group.

Thus we quickly discover that the Scavs are not what we think they are. It was a big twist. The Scavs are the human survivors of the war. The Tet IS the alien enemy and Tech 49 Jack Harper is one of the many clones the Tet created. Tech 49 Jack Harper is different from the other clones, he ask questions, he thinks by himself with his head. This was a quite shocking revelation, the third turning point of the movie. It is the moment where everything changes. Tech 49 learns that Julia is Jack Harper’s wife, “his wife” and he also remembers this memory. Jack’s dream at the beginning of the movie was not a dream but a memory from the real Jack Harper. This memory was the moment where Jack Harper asks Julia to marry him. When Julia and Tech 49 Jack Harper comes back at the Tower 49, Vika is completely out of her mind and she is killed by a drone so obviously Tech 49 Jack Harper and Julia have to escape from the Tower 49. In this small period of time, a lot of big things happens. It is an intense moment of the movie.

We have more intense moments with Tech 49 Jack Harper and Julia going into the radiation zone and Tech 49 facing Tech 52 Jack Harper and Tech 49 meeting another clone of Vika.

From the beginning to the end, ‘Oblivion’ is visually breathtaking. The sets of ‘Oblivion’ are wonderful. This post-apocalyptic Earth is stunning. It feels real. Like I said previously the sky is also stunning. It is a real sky, they filmed the sky of Hawaii for four days. The design of the Tower 49 is great. It is a beautiful white building, it feels futuristic.

Tom Cruise is awesome as usual. He delivers in ‘Oblivion’ the best performance of his career. He is a very talented actor. He embraces the character. The scene where Tech 49 Jack Harper fights Tech 52 Jack Harper (also played by Tom Cruise) is an intense scene in his performance. When we watch this scene, we really believe that there are two Jack Harper and it is because of the performance of Tom Cruise and the way Joseph Kosinski directed the scene.

Joseph Kosinski is a talented director. He has a lot of imagination and we see it in ‘Oblivion’. He has this very special futuristic universe/vision. I also love the fact that he uses electro music, it fits perfectly with his universe. M83 composed the music of the movie. It is an electro music and it is a beautiful music.

Every elements of ‘Oblivion’ fit perfectly with each other – the way Joseph Kosinski directs the movie, the performance of Tom Cruise, the music, the story, the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko, the performance of the other actors (Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, Morgan Freeman…). ‘Oblivion’ is my favorite movie of all the time.

The story is original and well-written. It has kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. It has a lot of surprises For example, it was a surprise to see that Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman) was in the sleep capsule instead of Julia. The end was also a great surprise, I have never thought that Tech 52 Jack Harper would reunite with Julia.

The pool scene is a pure beauty.  The music of this scene is one of my favorite.

The scene before the epilogue (which is the ending scene) is one of my favorite. I love when Tech 49 Jack Harper quotes the ‘Lays of Ancient Rome’ when he and Malcom Beech are about to sacrifice themselves to destroy the Tet.

“And how can man die better
than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers,
And the temples of his Gods.”

The movie ends three years after the war,  Julia Rusakova lives in the house Tech 49 Jack Harper built. She has gave birth to her daughter. Tech 52 Jack Harper arrives with a group of survivors, his memories of Julia have been re-awakened and he has been searching her since the Tet’s destruction. He can now reunite with his family.

“If we have a soul it is made of the love we share. Undimmed by time. Unbound by death.”

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