Next week, The Vampire Diaries is back and here you have some spoilers of the 100th episode!

  • The episode is all about Katherine. We found out in the fall finale that our favorite vampire-turned-human was dying, and after her heart attack, it turns out she only has less than a day until her body fails.
  • Katherine’s impending death has the 500-year-old reminiscing about her life, and you know what that means: flashbacks! But expect to see several new twists on an old memory.
  • Since Katherine has caused everyone a lot of pain, suffering and death, mostly everyone will be celebrating her limited time left. 
  • Secrets will come out, and the way that everyone deals with all the new info will surprise you. 
  • Caroline “scandalous behavior” is ridiculously scandalous. Like, that’s the biggest understatement of the year. It will have fans simultaneously cheering and booing. So many mixed emotions. Expect things to get extremely complicated.
  • Some familiar faces, places, and things will return. We can’t reveal any of them except for Stefan’s least favorite safe.
  • There’s one scene in particular that we ended up rewinding too many times because it’s just so shocking, amazing, crazy, etc. Seriously, we’re a little worried for the fandom when it finally airs. Have oxygen tanks on standby because hyperventilating is a serious side effect. 
  • Okay, we lied: there are two scenes in particular that we ended up rewinding too many times. But the second one is less shocking and more heartbreakingly amazing. The tears are real, people. 
  • Stefan shares some amazing scenes with both Katherine and Elena that should make both Steferine and Stelena fans happy.
  • The doppelgänger prophecy/mythology comes back into play in a major way. 
  • Remember the promo photo of Bonnie and Jeremy on that couch? It only gets better from there. That entire scene is just perfect in so many ways.
  • Damon and Elena are both having an awful time dealing with their breakup, especially when the whole gang gets together and they come face to face. Expect their friends to get involved in major ways.
  • Damon’s ways of dealing with Katherine’s impending death… Well, let’s just say Damon’s being his Damon-est. 
  • Nina Dobrev has been wowing us with her portrayal of three different characters this season, and this is one of her best episodes yet.