More action. More drama. Without doubt, The Originals is getting better with every episode.

We have passed from tension and total breakdown from the family of The Originals, to an union that more than good things, will bring tragedies.

And I don’t say it because of Rebekah secrets plans with Tierry… Witches are not willing to let the harvest does not end, losing all their powers.

Said and done. Sophie manages to convence them with the masterful and indirect aid of a dying Davina, which is causing havoc because of the large amount of power that she has accumulated. Disasters that come from nature, in four phases: earth, wind, water and fire. Each one with more intensity, causing more damage.

First, earth, by earthquakes. It’s then when the main characters realize that something is not going well and Sophie, when the wind phase starts, finally convences them, make them know that the caos is coming for real.

Whereas the third phase comes, which is water (by a torrential storm), some feelings are surfacing. Klaus seems to be more sensitive to others reactions, telling part of his story to Hayley. The young girl is having such a bad moment too after have betrayed and lied to Elijah, something that she’s trying to fix as soon as possible. It’cosa que intenta solventar lo antes posible. The romantic feelings between both of them are so obvious… This scene! Yeah, you know which one I’m talking about. Longest ten second ever. And finally, they didn’t kiss!

But let’s go back to the storyline… After having unearthed to Celeste and tried to capture her powers, without success, Sophie has not idea about what to do next. Elijah had the magnificent idea of doing the same process with her mother. Once they all agree about it, and they know every step to do (thank you Elijah for the fast summary!) they unearthed their mother, with blood sacrifice from the Originals brothers and Hayley. Sophie finally is able to finish the harvest.

When everyone is convinced that Davina and the other 3 girls will come back from death, is Rebekah who convinces Marcel to… Ah! Wait, I haven’t said it, our sexy vampire went away with Davina, protecting her. But the logic wins and it’s obvious that the young girl will die anyway. Better way, do it by finishing the harvest and by that way, controlling that uncontrolled powers.

Sophie kills Davina (impossible not to mourn, seriously), and then she’s ready to bring back from death the 4 girls but the ancestors ignore her without hesitation.

The four young girls are dead (at least for now), and everyone else are destroyed. Marcel faces Klaus, and the hybrid continues his line of sensitive guy and tells him that he was not able to mention Marcel’s name for many years, because of the pain he felt when he thought that Marcel was dead when he left New Orleans years ago… Brotherly hug and from friends to enemies, to friends again in one more episode…

The final question (besides where the hell are Josh and Camille), is: and all that power which Davina had, where has gone?

Answer: Sabine, yeah, that witch very *itch, I don’t think anyone liked her, she’s really Celeste (I expected some things like that, to be honest), reason why “her bones” didn’t give powers to Sophie, because she’s alive. And very alive! She’s getting ready a plan, for a whole year, and now she has 3 more friends that she has resurrected to play with…

Anyway, as I said before, action and drama. A great episode which has mixed very well some aspects that usually collide.

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