This Wednesday Arrow was brilliant again, there’s no doubt that this show is getting better with every episode.

‘Blind Spot’ has been an episode in which Laurel was the central plot, followed by Roy.

The young lawyer has more suspicions against Sebastian Blood, and drugs (which she steals from his father) made her word unbelievable. After convince Arrow to help her, they don’t find anything… And Sebestian decided to take action. Thanks that Laurel has only been arrested, because after knowing the dark past of Sebastian he could easily have killed her… Also, knowing that he works for Slade and he’s a bit crazy… Laurel had had luck!


Arrow, Diggle and Felicity finally had something to do in their quest against the man of the mask with a skull when Laurel asked them for to help her. Everything seemed to indicate that Sebastian was going to be caught, but a mayoral candidate knows how to cover his past, and how to smile to don’t be judged.

While Laurel fights to discover all the truth and to demonstrate that she’s not hallucinating because of the drugs and alcohol, Roy has his particular drama. The boy is not able to put under control his new strength, and he confesses all to Sin.

Sin helps him but she’s not very happy about the fact that Thea doesn’t know anything about it. They think that they can save the city with the new superpowers of Roy….

Result? Half-dead man. Roy almost killed a man when they were trying to save the city (how ironic, right?). Thea has no idea about what’s going on… But Oliver sees that something is going wrong and when he asks his sister about Roy, she tells him that her boyfriend is acting very strange…

Oliver reacts fast, showing himself as Arrow to Roy and telling him that he knows what’s happening with him, and he will help him to learn how to control his new strength. Roy at first tries to ignore him but he finally accepts the deal, “when do we start?”, he says.

Moreover, although Sebastian has “won” this battle, Slade punishes him by demonstrating his power… And not only to Sebastian! Now we all know that there are very amazing battles to come!


Sara and Oliver look for Slade, who has disappeared. They have some interesting chat about the past, and Sara told him that she was already in love with him before he started dating with Laurel… And Laurel started having interest in Oliver when she saw that Sara was interested on him… Drama.

When Oliver is sleeping, Sarah contacts Ivo. At first, it looks like they are already friends but Sara choose the right side, with Oliver.

The episode ends with Oliver very disappointed with Laurel, and the man of the mask with a skull dead. Yeah… He was not Sebastian Blood! The agent Daily kidnapped Laurel, he knew that Arrow was going to save her. Arrow goes to save Laurel, and when he’s fighting against the agent,  Laurel shoots the man many times… When they take off the mask they see Daily and not Sebastian…

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