I went to the press conference of the BloodyNightCon! The BloodyNightCon is an event in which fans can meet their favorite actors from The Vampire Diaries!

This event is taking place this weekend in Barcelona, and on Friday morning, I attended thepress conference with Ian Somerhalder, Malese Jow and Nathaniel Buzolic. Michael Trevino was in the guest list but sadly, he couldn’t come. Thanks to the BloodyNightCon for the opportunity!

I have some videos which I will share soon, I have to say that I had a few problems with my camera and I lost most of the pictures (I’m the first one feeling sorry for that!), but I could have some of them back! That’s why I haven’t wrote this article before. I will get deeper in the interviews when I can work with the videos tomorrow (with all the restore thing with the pictures I had no time to watch the videos, sorry again!). Enjoy some pictures! For more info of the event, visit their official website.

9 (1)How was meeting them? It was amazing! I’m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, butIan Somerhalder is one of my biggest idols. I grew up with him on my TV (I’m pretty young, tho…) and I left aside my fangirlism and tried to be polite all the time. I forgot all my English when I made my question during the press conference, I had to read my notebook! Ian looked so tired, we had to wait because he was coming directly from the airport, he was arriving from Brazil!

They were very polite and started talking, I really thought “We don’t have to ask them anything, they are just talking and talking without stop”, but I knew they did that because sometimes, people is very shy or intimidated and could not make questions. But we were brave! We started doing questions (leaving this part for when I post the videos!) and time flew! They made a lot of jokes, and jokes from the jokes! Then, I got the chance of take some pictures with them. Personal pictures were not allowed but if Ian says yes… You (and no one!) can’t stop him from taking a selfie! My personal photos with them are in our Facebook page.

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