TV Line has shared new spoilers from season 4 of Person of Interest, check them out below!

Picking up about six weeks after Samaritan went online and Team Machine was forced into hiding (in plain sight), the season premiere is titled “Panopticon” – which has a literal meaning (a building designed for one watchman to observe all inmates) – “but we’re leaning more towards the figurative, obviously,” says EP Greg Plageman. The aliases Root rounded up for the gang “absolutely” have held up thus far, “though they may not necessarily be happy about that,” Plageman teases. Reese, for one, “enjoys the anonymity of being ‘the man in the suit,’” while Shaw is similarly struggling with her lot as a department store clerk. Meanwhile for Fusco, “ignorance is bliss,” as Samaritan doesn’t know to nose around the NYPD detective (who has a new boss in Monique Curnen). As such, “Fusco becomes the asset who can be used in a different aspect.”

BONUS SPOILER | The mystery woman played by Cara Buono (and featured in the first trailer) “is more than a person of interest,” Plageman allows, and she doesn’t answer to Decima. “Our audience will be pleasantly surprised by what she’s doing on our show.”

RETURN DATE | Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 10/9c (CBS)

Source: TV Line