Blackhat is set to be released on January 16th in USA, check out some promotional pictures and official details about the movie below.

Blackhat was directed by Michael Mann and written by Morgan David Foehl. The movie follows convicted hacker Nicholas Hathaway, played by Chris Hemsworth, furloughed from federal prison, and his American and Chinese partners as they try to identify and hunt down a world-class and dangerous cybercrime network from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Perak, Malaysia and Jakarta. But as Hathaway gets closer to his target, his target becomes aware of Hathaway and the more personal the stakes become.

Viola Davis is Carol Barrett, an FBI special agent charged with assembling the liaison group to track down the cybercriminal; Tang Wei as Chen Lien, a bright, unnervingly candid network engineer who becomes lovers with Hathaway; and Wang Leehom as Captain Chen Dawai, Lien’s brother and Hathaway’s closest friend and former roommate at MIT, as well as the man responsible for his freedom.

Hong Kong—The Chai Wan Nuclear Power Plant has been hacked. A small bit of malware, a Remote Access Tool (RAT), opens a back door for a larger payload of malware to enter and destroy the plant’s cooling system, causing a containment vessel breach and near meltdown. No attempts at extortion or claims of political declaration were made. The motive is a mystery. A group of highranking People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officers task a cyberdefense-unit captain, Chen Dawai, with hunting down the perpetrator of the attack. Chicago—The Mercantile Trade Exchange (MTE) is hacked, sending soy futures skyrocketing within 24 hours.  Carol Barrett, a seasoned FBI special agent, proposes to her superiors partnering with China’s cyberdefense team, since both countries were attacked. But Captain Chen is not remotely whom Barrett expected. The MIT-educated Chinese officer speaks perfect English and insists his American counterparts immediately release a notorious blackhat hacker from a U.S. federal penitentiary: Nicholas Hathaway. Hathaway, defiant to authority, emerges from the rigid conditions of prison life with one last chance at a real life…if he can discover the malware’s author and tracks him down. As the claustrophobic confines of life inside give way to the open chaos of freedom—and with no time to adjust—Hathaway struggles to get his bearings. Help comes from an unlikely source: the unnervingly direct and alluring network engineer Chen Lien—his closest friend’s younger sister. Hathaway, Lien and Chen team up with Barrett and Mark Jessup, a deputy U.S. Marshal responsible for Hathaway’s return to prison, to identify and stop an invisible, high-speed and dangerous cybercriminal organization operating with impunity from somewhere unknown. They’re like ghosts, bouncing malware off proxy servers to stay invisible. The liaison group tracks an elusive thread of digital clues from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Malaysia and to Jakarta on a hunt for their enemy, who’s discovered his pursuers and now hunts is hunters. As Hathaway’s group makes their way across Asia, Hathaway intuits that the motivation, the larger plan behind the hacks, is bigger and darker than they’d envisioned. The initial conflicts of the group transform as they interact and unify into a quick-thinking, fastreacting team, and the danger escalates toward a more threatening hit on the horizon.

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