Hannibal is back with the new season on Thursday, June 4th and some titles have been released, check them out below!

Bryan Fuller, creator of the serial, has revealed the titles of some episodes in his Twitter account.

Also the star of the show, Mads Mikkelsen, told the Huffing Post“We’re getting away with stuff on TV now that we never used to, while the film world’s not getting away with half this stuff,” he adds. “This Hannibal needs people, so he has to be friendly, seductive, he’s a lot of fun.”

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Spoiler Warning

3×01 – ‘Antipasto’ – Directed by Vincenzo Natali.

3×02 – ‘Primavera’ – Directed by Vincenzo Natali.

3×03 – ‘Secondo’ – Directed by Vincenzo Natali.

3×07 – ‘Digestivo’

In the Eight episode the title refers to HBIC Francis Dolarhyde.

3×08 – ‘The Great Red Dragon’ – Directed by Niel Marshall.