Julian Seager is an actor with a promising career and we’ve talked with him about his recent and future projects.

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Julian has participated in many TV Shows and movies, showing that he’s ready to embrace the next step of his career and get a bigger role. I’m sure you have heard of these names: The Hollow Crown, Doc Martin, Maleficent, World War Z, She’s Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Scopia Effect… Right? And that is only the 10% of his works!

Currently, he can be seen in Poldark (2015) and he’s working in some secret projects, don’t miss this marvelous interview in which we review his past, present and future as an actor.

Airun Garky: Hello Julian, thank you for this opportunity to interview you. You’ve been in so many different projects, including TV shows, big movies and indie films so let’s talk a bit about them all. At first, I would like to ask you about Poldark, a TV show that’s actually airing. We’ve seen you in two of the first four episodes, are we going to see you working at the Red Lion pub in more episodes?

Julian Seager: I do hope so, I have filmed more scenes for Series 1 but you never know what has made the edit. The show is a delight to watch and when I pop up it’s an added bonus to my viewing pleasure! The Red Lion Inn is the only/main pub in Truro so I hope to come back in Season 2.

julian seager poldark

AG: How is it shooting a show set in another era? With all the horses around you, working in an old pub and wearing old clothes?

JS: I love filming period pieces, and because of my looks I get to do a lot of them. I have grown up fascinated with history and for me this is as close as I’m going to get to time travel!

AG: Working in Poldark sounds amazing! As it has to be working in Marvel movies, Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy. What can you tell us about those experiences?

JS: I have been a Marvel fan since I was a young child. I was given a huge amount of comics when I was 6 or 7 and I used to spend every spare minute of my time reading them. I never dreamt that I would get the opportunity to work on a Marvel film as I assumed they were all filmed in the USA.

I got the call to be on the fight team for Thor: The Dark World when I was in the middle of filming Maleficent and managed to jump ship without upsetting anyone. Fortunately a friend of mine who looks similar to me was able to fill my costume for me and take over my part. This enabled me to fulfill my dreams and work in epic battle scenes with some of my favorite Marvel characters; it was truly amazing to be involved in a project of this scale.

Then a few months later I got called to see if I wanted to work on Guardians of the Galaxy. I couldn’t believe my luck. Two Marvel films in less than 18 months, I was stoked! I had a vague recollection of the Guardians from my childhood comics. I think they appeared in the Star Wars as a secondary storyline. I didn’t care that I wasn’t a major fan of the characters, I just wanted more Marvel!

julian seager guardianesWorking in ‘The Kyln’ was one of the hottest and most physically demanding jobs yet. We were all dressed in yellow rubber prison suits and were running around all over the place getting shot at, beaten up by guards etc.  It didn’t help that we were working in one of the hottest summers of the year, enclosed in a sealed hangar and working under lights that made the metal set so hot that you couldn’t touch it. In between takes we were laying on the floor as the air was cooler down there! We shot a massive amount of scenes for the movie and a lot of them got cut. I am hoping for a 4 hour directors cut DVD one day so I get to see myself a bit more! Regardless of the cuts I absolutely loved the film and hope that the rumours surrounding a sequel are true.

AG: You’ve also worked in big movies like Maleficent, Snow White and the Huntsman, Les Misérables and World War Z, such an amazing curriculum! But you’ve also participated in some indie films like The Scopia Effect or She’s Dead, both being horror movies which makes me wonder if this genre is one of your favorites?

JS: Guilty as charged. I love horror films and find filming the horror genre is amazingly enjoyable. Being bad feels pretty good!  There is nothing better than working with SFX, prosthetics and buckets of blood. 

AG: By working in tv shows, big franchises and indie films you have been able to experience their differences, what can you tell us about them (on the different work processes) and is there one area where you feel more comfortable working at?

JS: I’m 100% comfortable in all areas of filming these days. The main difference between working on a big movie compared to TV or Indie is the time it takes to get one shot. Sometimes when you are working on a big feature it can feel like ‘Groundhog Day’ as it can take a whole day (sometimes two) to capture a complicated scene. Working on TV or independent movies is a different matter as we tend to get more scenes done per day. This is because of time/budget pressures. When working on an Indie film most shots are done in two or three takes. This can be frustrating as sometimes you feel you could deliver better if given another chance but the Director often tells you it’s good enough and to move on!

I love all the genres equally but at this stage in my career I get more dialogue on Independent projects and TV as most of the big features I have worked on I have been a supporting artiste or working on the fight team in battle scenes.

AG: Is there a funny set story that you can tell us? Feel free to pick any of your projects to talk about; we would love to hear your funniest story!

WORLD-WAR-Z-PosterJS: My first major movie experience was working on World War Z with Brad Pitt. I have been a major fan of Brads since films like Johnny Suede and True Romance. We were filming on a trawler ship out at sea and in some areas the space was pretty tight. I had done a few scenes where Brad was only a few feet away from me or walking past me, so I had got used to his presence and wasn’t fazed or intimidated by him. Whilst relaxing in between scenes I was stood at the top of some stairs when someone put their arm around my shoulders and gave me a friendly hug… I assumed it was a friend and turned around to say hello when I realized it was Brad Pitt. I stood there feeling a little awkward and just smiled and said hi. At this point Brad said ‘Hey, how are you doing? I just need to get past man!’ It turns out I was simply blocking his path!

This doesn’t sound like much now as I have had a lot more funny experiences since then, but this was my first close up encounter with a real celebrity and it always sticks in my mind!

AG: You’re actually filming some super secret projects that we cannot talk about but your “public” list of upcoming projects, with releases this year and 2016, is filled with great titles and roles. Which one gave you the biggest opportunity to explore your character? Is there a specific project you’re really excited to see the final product?

JS: I very much enjoyed filming The Scopia Effect. I play a very brutal French farmer called Henri who ends up killing his own brother and taking his wife. This film was a particular challenge for me as I had to learn all my scenes in French. I hadn’t spoken in that language since being taught at school aged 11, so it was a little tricky.

The murder scene was also particularly brutal and unnerving for all of the cast and crew who were watching. Thankfully nobody got hurt during the filming. Well, apart from me passing out at one point. This was due to me roaring and exhaling every breath in my body, and then unintentionally fainting at the end of the take!

The movie is initially released on I-Tunes in the middle of April. I think there is a Henri specific teaser trailer coming out soon too. (Visit www.scopia-movie.com)


AG: As we could see, you are a very busy actor and yet, you have time to talk with your fans and share interesting things in your social media, specially on your Facebook page. Congrats on your new website, by the way! Are you enjoying being active in social media so far?

JS: Thank you very much, it’s my first website and I’m pretty happy with it! I’m a very friendly, well humored and social person, so websites like Facebook really suit me. I do find it hard to contain myself sometimes as I love my job so much and want to share my experiences and passion with my fans. I have been told on a couple of occasions to not talk so much. Well actually I’ve been told that a lot since childhood, I’m working on it!

Social media is also a great tool. Through networking I get myself at least 4-5 filming jobs a year and it’s lovely when people directly approach you for work rather than going through the usual processes.

AG: Which will be the next comic-cons that you’ll be attending? Meeting fans in person must be exciting, isn’t it?

JS: I love doing conventions. I used to attend them before I worked in the film industry and met a lot of my film/TV heroes. I like the fact that most of them take the time to talk to you and share stories and it makes you feel closer to your onscreen stars. It’s amazing to meet fans in person as although I work in the film industry I don’t feel too far removed from them as I am a complete film/TV geek and Sci-Fi nerd!

I have actually found it very inspirational meeting so many different actors and actresses. I used to dream of silly things like going for a beer with the cast of my favorite horror movie franchise or meeting bond girls and now it’s actually happening. I love my life and look forward to filming in many more Films and TV shows in the future!

My current convention/public appearance list is:

julian seagerLee Bradley Exhibition April 12th 2015 Redditch

April 19th Plymouth Wrestling Alliance Convention – Plymouth

May 2nd 2015 Stars of Time Weston Super Mare

May 30th 2015 Mersey Comic con – Liverpool

June 7th 2015 Film Fair Watford

July 11th It Came From Planet Exe! Sci Fi Festival- Exeter

August 1st Optimus SW Film & TV Convention – Torquay

Sept 12th Blackpool Comic Con

Sept 26th-27th 2015 DefCon4 Nerdageddon – Southampton

Oct 17th Bristol Horror Con

Oct 24th Chippenham Sci Fi Convention

31stOct-1stNov 2015 Wyntercon – Eastbourne

Nov 15th Comic con Bolton

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