The Family is one of the new shows for the upcoming season of ABC channel the first trailer has been relased, check it out read the synopsis and see the trailer below!

The trailer has a duration of four minutes, in which we can see how a small child, named Danny, played by Zach Gilford, disappears and reappears after 10 years. When the young man returns, we observe how his family treats him with more love and affection for the 10 years that he was missing. The trailer continues to show us more things that are going to happen in the series, with a cast of  actors both known and unknown.

We don’t know yet the release date but we know that it will be starring by Joan Allen who will play ClaireAllison Pill is Willa WarrenMargot Bingham plays Nina MeyerZach Gilford  as DannyLiam James is playing Adam Warren, Rupert Graves as John Warren and others.

Plot Summary – This thriller follows the return of a politician’s young son who was presumed dead after disappearing over a decade earlier. As the mysterious young man is welcomed back into his family suspicions emerge — is he really who he says he is?