On Friday, May 22nd the 27th edition of MCM London Comic Con opened its doors and attending the event were Drew Roy, Moon Bloodgood and Will Patton from Falling Skies.

The show arrives to an end this summer with its fifth and last season, premiering on Sunday, June 28th on TNT (USA) and June 30th on FOX (UK) but the actors are not allowed to talk about what’s going to happen. At the roundtable some interesting questions were asked (which I had in my list, sniff), so when I had the chance of interviewing them alone I had two minutes to think on something and I thought on this game. I know, I could have done it better.

On my behalf I must say that this week I’ve been sick with fever, allergy and other health issues and on Friday, my ears were depressurized on the flight so I couldn’t hear correctly and it affected the way I speak, my apologies (I swear my English is better and I don’t usually doubt that much when talking lol). Anyway I did this game other times and it mostly depends in how the actors react and their answers.

At the end of my short interview with them I thought on a new question that it tourned out to be pretty interesting. Check out the video above and thank you so much for watching!

Drew Roy plays Hal Mason, Moon Bloodgood is Anne Glass and Will Patton is Colonel Weaver, they’ll be attending the event also tomorrow, Saturday 23rd of May.

Remember that we have the fansite EspFallingSkies.com (Falling Skies Spain), reason why I added subtitles in spanish to the video. Stay tuned for more videos and a lot of pictures from the event within the weekend!