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[Video] Falling Skies 5×02 ‘Hunger Pains’ Trailer and synopsis

Falling Skies is back this Sunday with an all new episode, 5×02 ‘Hunger Pains’, check out the trailer above and read the official synopsis below! SPOILER WARNING! Don't forget to read the following synopsis and visit our fansite with all the latest news and much more in English and Spanish:! Plot summary - A surprise skitter [...]

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Marvel Agentes de S.H.I.E.L.D.: Los Guerreros Secretos aparecerán en la tercera temporada

El conocido grupo de los Guerreros Secretos hará acto de presencia en la tercera temporada de Marvel Agentes de S.H.I.E.L.D.. SPOILERS del final de la 2ª temporada. Las novedades sobre la nueva temporada de Agentes de S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) siguen aumentando. La revelación de un cartel en el que podemos leer "Secret Warriors" confirma la presencia [...]

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[Video] The Last Ship 2×04 ‘Solace’ Trailer and synopsis

The Last Ship is back on Sunday with an all new episode, 2x04 'Solace', you can watch the trailer above and read a synopsis below. SPOILERS! Plot summary - The crew of Nathan James discovers that hospital ship USNS Solace was sent to sea to wait for Dr. Scott's (Rhona Mitra) cure. Captain Chandler (Eric Dane) sees [...]

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[Video] Under the Dome 3×03 ‘Redux’ Trailer and synopsis

Under the Dome is back on Thursday with an all new episode, 3x03 'Redux', watch the trailer above and read the synopsis below. SPOILERS Plot summary - Chester's Mill residents try to move on after their mysterious experience in the tunnels; Big Jim (Dean Norris) thinks two new residents, Christine (Marg Helgenberger) and Eva (Kylie Bunbury), are [...]

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[Video] Hannibal 3×05 ‘Contorno’ Trailer and Synopsis

Hannibal is back on July 3rd with an all new episode, 3×05 ‘Contorno’, and the trailer has been released, you can watch it above! 3x05 ' Contorno' Promotional Pictures SPOILERS! Check out our all news, pictures in HQ, videos and more about NBC's Hannibal by clicking here.  Plot Summary – Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) and Inspector Pazzi (guest star Fortunato Cerlino) search for [...]

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[Photos HQ] Hannibal 3×04 ‘Aperitivo’ Full Set of Promotional Pictures and Synopsis

Hannibal was back on June 25th with an all new episode, 3×04 ‘Aperitivo’, and NBC has released the full set of promotional pictures, check them out below! SPOILER WARNING To see all our news, photos in HQ, videos and much more from the third season of Hannibal you can go here. Plot Summary — After surviving a disfiguring gunshot, Dr. Fredrick Chilton (guest star [...]

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[Video] Fear the Walking Dead: 3 New teasers

Are the zombies real? Oh god, you have to spend less time online..! Fear the Walking Dead has three new teasers, you can watch one above and the other two below, enjoy! The premiere of AMC's new show Fear the Walking Dead is getting closer, in August, and the show already has the second season confirmed [...]

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[Vídeo] Supergirl: Nuevo tráiler en inglés de dos minutos SPOILERS

Global ha publicado un nuevo tráiler de dos minutos en inglés de Supergirl que puedes ver arriba, en el cual aparecen bastantes spoilers, ¡quedas avisado! SPOILERS El piloto se filtró (o CBS lo hizo a propósito, tengo dudas al respecto...) hace unas semanas así que si lo has visto, este nuevo tráiler no contiene ninguna escena [...]

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