The Last Ship is back on TNT this Sunday with an all new episode, 2×07 ‘Alone and Unafraid’, check out the trailer above and read the synopsis below.


2×07 ‘Alone and Unafraid’ Promotional Pictures

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Plot summary – While XO Slattery (Adam Baldwinstruggles to evade the sub in the water, Chandler (Eric Dane) and the land team infiltrate the Immune compound. Danny (Travis Van Winkleposes as one of Ned’s (Nick Courtworkers and discovers that Niels (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), a.k.a. Patient Zero, is now working for the Ramseys. Meanwhile, Captain Chandler manages to encroach on Sean’s (Brían F. O’Byrneinner circle, which includes an important government official, Jeffrey Michener (Mark Moses). Has Michener been brainwashed by the Immune propaganda along with the rest of the camp? Or can he be an ally? Original airdate Sunday July 26th, 2015.