Once Upon a Time returns this Sunday with a new episode, 5×07 ‘Nimue’, watch the trailer above and read the synopsis below!


The next episode of Once Upon a Time airs on Sunday, November 8th on ABC and is titled 5×07 ‘Nimue’.

Last night’s episode focused in Merida’s (Amy Manson) story while we continued seeing Gold’s (Robert Carlyle) progress to become a hero, and also how Arthur (Liam Garrigan) tried to lie, without success, now being an enemy in both timelines: present and flashbacks. 

These stories will continue this Sunday, now that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is more dangerous than ever, how will they try to stop her and save her? You can read the short synopsis below; for more news, photos in HQ and videos from Once Upon a Time, please go here.

Plot summary – To forge the ultimate weapon, she must summon the darkest force of all time. Original airdate November 8th, 2015.