The Librarians is all new this Sunday on TNT with the episode 2×04 ‘And the Cost of Education’, check out the trailer above and read more below!


The team will be working together in the next episode of The Librarians, titled 2×04 ‘And the Cost of Education’, which airs on Sunday, November 15th on TNT.

Eve (Rebecca Romijn), Stone (Christian Kane), Jones (John Harlan Kim) and Cassandra go to the Wexler College’s campus to see what the hell is going on there! Although we don’t see Jenkins (John Larroquette) in this trailer, I’m pretty sure he is in the episode too.

Read the official synopsis below for more information about this episode and check out all our news, pictures and videos of The Librarians by clicking here!

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Plot summary – Students start disappearing at Wexler College, an institution started by a mad historian/architect who believed in alternate dimensions. When the Librarians arrive, they discover a young student from the physics department is investigating the bizarre occurrences on her own. Meanwhile, Cassandra (Lindy Boothgets an offer that’s difficult to turn down. Directed by Courtney Rowe and written by Kate Rorick. Original airdate November 15th, 2015.