Once Upon a Time will be all new this Sunday with the episode 5×10 ‘Broken Heart’, watch a new trailer above!


The next episode of OUAT will air on Sunday, November 29th on ABC and is titled 5×10 ‘Broken Heart’.

The synopsis reveals some spoilers so be warned… It seems like the episode will focus in Hook, now that he has become the Dark One too and we will learn what really happened in Camelot before they went back to Storybrooke.

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Plot summary – In Storybrooke, Hook (Colin O’Donoghueseeks revenge on Rumple (Robert Carlyleand challenges him to a dual. In Camelot, Hook kills Merlin (Elliot Knight) to set the curse and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) erases everyone’s memories in a attempt to fix the situation. Original airdate November 29th, 2015.