Once Upon a Time is back this Sunday with its winter finale, 5×11 ‘Swan Song’, watch the trailer above!


If you haven’t seen the last episodes of Once Upon a Time, I recommend you to don’t watch the video and to stop reading.

The winter finale ofOUAT’s season five airs this Sunday, December 6th on ABC and is titled 5×11 ‘Swan Song‘. They haven’t released a long synopsis, just a line which practically describes the trailer.

They want to keep the mystery without teasing us any kind of details that could reveal the fate of the characters, but in the video we can see that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is ready to save her family and friends, even if that means that she has to kill Killian…

Read the synopsis below. Check out all our news, photos and videos from Once Upon a Time by clicking here!

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Plot summary – The dark ones are closing in and Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghueplans for revenge takes hold. Original airdate Sunday, December 6th, 2015.