Agent X is all new this Sunday with the episode 1×07 ‘The Long Walk Home’, watch the trailer above and read more below!


TNT will air the next episode of Agent X, titled 1×07 ‘The Long Walk Home’, on Sunday, December 13th.

John is “missing”, that’s how the last episode ends. Now, the Vice President (Sharon Stone) and Malcolm will learn the truth on where he is and who has him captive, Nicolas Volker (Andrew Howard) while the President (John Sea) himself will be in great danger.

Things are getting more and more interesting with every episode as we get to know characters in a proper way and the stories get further developed. The official synopsis does not offer different intel than what we can see in the trailer but you can read it below.

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Plot summary – John (Jeff Hephner) wakes up in an Odessa basement, imprisoned by an unexpected captor. Meanwhile Malcolm (Gerald McRaney) desperately works to find and rescue John. Directed by Jeff Wadlow. Written by Robert Port. Created by William Blake Herron. Oiriginal Airdate December 13th, 2015.