Agent X will arrive to the end of season one in a few weeks and TNT has released some promotional pictures from the season finale.


The two hour season finale of Agent X will air on Sunday, December 27th on TNT with the episodes 1×09 ‘Penultimatum’ and 1×10 ‘Fidelity’.

In these pictures we can see some of the main characters from the whole season so there are some spoilers because we know now that they won’t die, at least, until the season finale. And they are John Case, Olga Petrovka (Olga Fonda), Nicolas Volker (Andrew Howard), the Vice President Natalie Maccabee and the President Thomas Eckhart. The only one who cannot be found in these photos is Malcom (Gerald McRaney).

You can read much more information about what will happen during the episodes in the following official synopsis, but I must warn you that they contain spoilers. Right now, if the show is renewed for a second season or cancelled is unknown.

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1×09 ‘Penultimatum’ TWO HOUR SEASON FINALE

Plot summary – John (Jeff Hephneris blackmailed by a terrorist into going on a suicide mission, employing the Geryon to accomplish the catastrophic deed. Directed by Rod Holcomb. Written by Jesse Alexander. Created by William Blake Herron. Oiriginal Airdate December 27th, 2015.


Plot summary – John must rescue Natalie (Sharon Stone), Eckhart (John Shea) and a delegation of international leaders from a hostage crisis in the Paris Opera house. Directed by Peter O’Fallon. Written by William Blake Herron. Created by William Blake Herron. Oiriginal Airdate December 27th, 2015.

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Photos Courtesy of TNT.