All new this Sunday, Agent X is back with the episode 1×08 ‘Angels and Demons’, watch the trailer above!


Titled 1×08 ‘Angels and Demons’, this episode of Agent X airs on Sunday, December 20th on TNT.

Olga (Olga Fonda) is back in this episode, dressed as an angel… And says to someone that John is not what he appears to be and after last night’s episode I don’t know what to expect, what a great plot the writers are developing! Who are the angels and who are the demons?

You can see who’s also back in these promotional pictures from the episode and read the official synopsis below to learn further information about what will happen.

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Plot summary – John (Jeff Hephner) travels in disguise to a party on a reclusive billionaire’s island, in the hopes of stealing a dangerous high tech weapon, code named Geryon.  At the same time, Natalie (Sharon Stone) struggles to contain the latest fallout from the conspiracy against the President (John Shea). Directed by John Terlesky. Written by Steven Kriozere & Mark A. Altman and Anslem Richardson. Created by William Blake Herron. Oiriginal Airdate December 20th, 2015.