Dark Matter is back with an all new episode this week, 2×06 ‘We Should Have Seen This Coming’, check out some promotional images below!


Trailer 2×06 ‘We Should Have Seen This Coming’

Titled 2×06 ‘We Should Have Seen This Coming’, this episode of Dark Matter will air on Friday, August 5th, on Syfy.

Once again, as we saw in the trailer, this episode seems to be very focused on Nyx and her past, as we will learn more about her and meet her brother, played by actor Mpho Koaho and whose name we haven’t discovered yet.

Read the episode’s synopsis below and check out all our news, more photos in HQ and some videos about Dark Matter by clicking here!

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Plot summary – Desperate for money, the Raza crew follow Nyx’s (Melanie Liburd) lead on an op, only to discover that their target is a personal one. Original airdate, August 5th, 2016.

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Images courtesy of Syfy.