Halt and Catch Fire returns in a few days with a new episode, 3×08 ‘You Are Not Safe’, you can see some promotional pictures below!


The next episode of Halt and Catch Fire airs on Tuesday, October 4th on AMC and is titled 3×08 ‘You Are Not Safe’.

Joe is near the sea, probably meditating about his new life’s path and what to do next, as well as we can see him working alongside Gordon (Scoot MacNairy) in their new plans. Meanwhile, Joe and Ryan (Manish Dayal) seem to be having a discussion…

Bos, Donna and Diane appear in other pictures, including some of Mutiny’s team… But there’s no Cameron in any of the promotional stills… Read the official synopsis of this episode below to know more about what’s going to happen next!

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Plot summary -Donna (Kerry Bishé), Bos (Toby Hus) and Diane (Elizabeth Gish) go on the road to build support for Mutiny, while everyone else anxiously awaits the big day. Joe (Lee Pace) asks Cam (Mackenzie Davis) for a favor. Original airdate October 4th, 2016.

Some photos of Lee Pace are in super HQ, enjoy them!

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Images courtesy of AMC.