Halt and Catch Fire was all new this week with the episode 3×09 ‘NIM’ and you can see the full set of pictures below!


This episode of Halt and Catch Fire is titled 3×09 ‘NIM’ and it aired on Tuesday, October 11th on AMC, followed by the season three finale.

First of all, do not worry, the show will return with a fourth season, although it will be its last. Now, in these images we can see Joe (Lee Pace) and Cameron (Mackenzie Davis) reunited in Comdex and having a lot of fun after the 4 year jump.

Meanwhile, Gordon and Donna are divorced and Joanie is now a teenager, so they will have to deal with her! There are also some behind the scenes images included in the full set.

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Plot summary – Donna (Kerry Bishé) tries to bring everyone together at Comdex with her vision of the internet’s future and Gordon (Scoot McNairy) faces a strong-willed Joanie (Kathryn Newton). Original airdate October 11th, 2016.

Thank you for watching Halt and Catch Fire one more year with us! 😀

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Images courtesy of AMC.