Lee Pace has been busy lately, and although things have been quiet on the filming side, he has been active in numerous other things. 

Earlier last month, on November 6th 2016, Lee Pace have joined NYC Marathon; running for Maasai Wilderness Trust. Many photos and videos of the event were shared across social media and numerous other platforms.

Following the marathon, the social media platforms (including instagram, twitter and tumblr), were filled with support to Lee Pace and team Maasai. A social media campaign initiated by Conservation International was activated during the marathon to show support. This campaign included virtual signs made by fans to demonstrate support to Lee and team.

In addition, fan groups got geared up and joined by initiating their own campaigns, from fan arts to digital signs and words of support to Lee Pace and team. Even the actor himself showed appreciation towards fans’ support as he tweeted the day right before the marathon:

Ha. Checked Twitter. You guys are the best. Your support means a lot to me.   

Shortly after the marathon, Lee Pace attended COP22, which was held in Marrakech. The actor joined the conference as an advocate for Conservation International alongside Dr.M. Sanjayan, an Executive Vice President at CI.

During the conference, Lee Pace and Dr.M.Sanjayan, hosted a talk as part of SDG Media Zone Solutions Hour. The talk was entitled COP22 Solutions Hour – Nature: A Powerful Solution to Climate Change , which was transcripted by The Lee Pace Fans Network . You can read the transcript here.

Another activity the actor participated while at the conference is his live reading of his  Nature Is Speaking Film “Mountain.” You can read the transcript here

Stay tuned for the next article, we will include some exciting news on Lee Pace‘s latest films and projects!

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NY Marathon Photos

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