Lee Pace, the ever growing versatile American actor, is ready to enter 2017 with full force. So, is 2017 the year for Lee Pace? 

For Lee, movies are very important, according to his last greeting video shared on Weibo, for that he is giving us this year couple of great treats when it comes to movies and films, aside from the criminally underrated drama TV show he is going to shoot this summer the last season of Halt and Catch Fire.

His scheduled films for this year includes The Keeping Hours, The Book Of Henry and Revolt.

The Keeping Hours is a supernatural romance which is directed by Jason Blum. The movie’s plot goes around the story of a couple attempts to reconcile a decade after their lives fell apart in the aftermath of their son’s death in a car accident. Carrie Coon is the co-star, who plays Elizabeth, with Lee Pace as Mark. The film is scheduled to be released this year but with no set date yet. We will keep you updated!

In the The Book Of Henry, Lee plays David, and this is the movie I am personally waiting for, directed by Colin Trevorrow and includes an impressive list of co-stars besides Lee including, Sarah Silverman, Dean Norris, Naomi Watts and the young rising star Maddie Ziegler. The argument follows a single mother raising two boys, one of whom is a genius and is scheduled to be released in June 16th, 2017 in selected cities and countries. Make sure to check your country’s date in the movie’s IMDb page by clicking here.

Revolt, is the mystery movie we are all waiting for, directed by Joe Maile has a very interesting plot. It is a sci-fi movie talking about an alien invasion, where Lee’s character Bo along with his co-star Berenice Marlohe attempts to save what is left of the human race in a thrilling series of events.

The director of this movie has been mysterious from the kick start (tweeting about the movie and deleting tweets to add mystery) but only this year he announced that more news will be shared about the film. It is scheduled to be released this year but no set date yet!

Can’t wait to watch all these movies and see what 2017 got in store for us!!! To catch up in all our news about Lee Pace, you can click over here!

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