Lee Pace has joined his Guardian of The Galaxy co-star Karen Gillan in her new drama debut, previously named Tupperware Party.

Written and directed by Karen Gillan, the newest drama debut, previously named, Tupperware Party has its newest addition to its cast members, that is, no one other than the talented American actor, Lee Pace.

The plot follows Gillan’s character Lucy, who lives in Inverness and is dealing with the suicide of her best friend. Lee Pace plays Dale, an Englishman who travels up to Inverness on holiday and ends up involved in the story.

The film has no title at the moment and it is referred to as Untitled Original Drama. There is no details on the release date of the film but it is set to be released in 2017. Make sure to keep an eye on the IMDb page of the film to check the release date in your country by clicking here.

Stay tuned to know more about this movie and all Lee Pace‘s projects. To catch up on all our news about Lee Pace, you can click over here!

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Check out some BTS of the film’s shootings below! Click them to enlarge (new window):

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