It seems like our magic adventures are reaching the end since this season of The Magicians has been announced to be its last.

Currently on its fifth season, Syfy has announced that the fantasy show, the series adaptation of Lev Grossman’s novels, arrives to an end with the current fifth season, with 13 episodes scheduled.

First aired in 2016, The Magicians has been one of the most popular and consistent shows for Syfy and managed to continue the story after its main character, Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) left the show on previous season. I was a bit concerned about how the story will follow, and I am quiet satisfied with the new storyline so it’s sad to know that we don’t get to see more of our characters.

However, I am really honest, I don’t think they could find good plots to follow up without feeling like they are starting to be super repetitive and most characters need a break, something that has been spoken a lot during latest episodes, do they always get to save the world? When is this coming to an end?

The network has shared a statement, where they say that “The Magicians has been a part of our SYFY family for five fantastic seasons. As we near the end of this journey, we want to thank John McNamara, Sera Gamble, Henry Alonso Myers, Lev Grossman, and our entire brilliant cast, crew, writers, and directors for their beautiful creation. But most of all, we thank the fans for their tremendous support and passion. Because of you, magic will be in our hearts forever.”


I am confident that even if when they were filming it, they did not know for sure that it will be its last season, the writers have offered a final that could work as a season ending, somehow they must have seen it coming if we follow examples like the one previously mentioned, characters wondering when do they get to just be happy and rest, and this feeling of them needing closure and move on.

Next episode is airing next week, four more to go!