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[Photos & Videos] Lee Pace: Roundup News

Lee Pace has been busy lately, and although things have been quiet on the filming side, he has been active in numerous other things.  Earlier last month, on November 6th 2016, Lee Pace have joined NYC Marathon; running for Maasai Wilderness Trust. Many photos and videos of the event were shared across social media and numerous [...]

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[Photos HQ] Halt and Catch Fire 3×07 ‘The Threshold’ Full Set of Pictures

Halt and Catch Fire returned with an all new episode 3×07 ‘The Threshold’, check out below the full set of promotional pictures! SPOILERS Titled 3×07 ‘The Threshold’, this episode of Halt and Catch Fire aired on Tuesday, September 27th on AMC (USA). I'm also including four behind the scenes photos where we can see how the crew gets ready to film their scenes, and the episode's director: Karen Kusama. The [...]

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