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[Photos] Chicago P.D. 3×11 ‘Knocked the Family Right Out’ Promotional Pictures

Chicago P.D. is all new next week with the episode 1x11 'Knocked the Family Right Out' and NBC has released some promotional pictures. SPOILER WARNING Seriously, these images contain spoilers from the episode. Titled 1x11 'Knocked the Family Right Out', this episode of Chicago P.D. will air on Wednesday, January 13th on NBC. In these photos we [...]

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[Video] Chicago P.D. 3×11 ‘Knocked the Family Right Out’ Trailer and synopsis

Next week, Chicago P.D. is back with an all new episode, 1x11 'Knocked the Family Right Out', watch the trailer above! SPOILERS Promotional Pictures 1x11 'Knocked the Family Right Out' NBC will air the upcoming episode of Chicago P.D. on Wednesday, January 13th which is titled 1x11 'Knocked the Family Right Out'. This video shows Linsday in big [...]

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[Photos] Chicago P.D. 3×09 ‘Never Forget I Love You’ Promotional Pictures

Chicago P.D. is back on Wednesday with an all new episode, 3×09 ‘Never Forget I Love You’, check out some promotional pictures below! SPOILERS Trailer 3×09 ‘Never Forget I Love You’  NBC has released some photos from the episode 3×09 ‘Never Forget I Love You’ of Chicago P.D., airing on Wednesday, November 18th. In these pictures we [...]

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[Photos] Chicago P.D. 3×04 ‘Debts of the Past’ Promotional Pictures

Chicago P.D. is all new on Wednesday with the episode, 3×04 ‘Debts of the Past’ and some promotional pictures have been released! SPOILERS Trailer 3×04 ‘Debts of the Past’ NBC has released some pictures for the episode 3×04 ‘Debts of the Past’ of Chicago P.D. which will air on Wednesday, October 21st. Read the synopsis below! You can see all our news, photos and more about [...]

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[Video] Chicago P.D. 3×03 ‘Actual Physical Violence’ Trailer

Chicago P.D. is back next week with an all new episode, 3×03 ‘Actual Physical Violence’, watch the trailer above! SPOILERS Promotional Pictures 3×03 ‘Actual Physical Violence’ The upcoming episode, titled 3×03 ‘Actual Physical Violence’, will air on Wednesday, October 14th on NBC, you can read its synopsis below! Spoiler warning! For more news about Chicago P.D.'s season three, go [...]

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