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[Photos HQ] Fear the Walking Dead 1×02 ‘So Close, Yet So Far’ Full Set of Promotional Pictures

Fear the Walking Dead's second episode, 1x02 'So Close, Yet So Far', aired on Sunday August 30th on AMC and the full set of promotional pictures have been released, check it out below! SPOILERS These pictures from the episode 1x02 'So Close, Yet So Far' of The Walking Dead's companion series contain major spoilers, you've been warned! You [...]

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[Video] Fear the Walking Dead: 3 New teasers

Are the zombies real? Oh god, you have to spend less time online..! Fear the Walking Dead has three new teasers, you can watch one above and the other two below, enjoy! The premiere of AMC's new show Fear the Walking Dead is getting closer, in August, and the show already has the second season confirmed [...]

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[Vídeo] Fear The Walking Dead: Primer Avance

Anoche se emitió la season finale de la quinta temporada de The Walking Dead y AMC publicó el primer avance de su serie compañera: Fear the Walking Dead. Como os anunciamos unos días, el título oficial del ya famoso spin-off de The Walking Dead es: Fear the Walking Dead y en este primer teaser/avance que [...]

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