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[Photos] Heroes: Reborn 1×12 ‘Company Woman’ Promotional pictures

Heroes: Reborn is all new tonight with the episode 1×12 ‘Company Woman’ and some promotional pictures have been released. SPOILER WARNING The show won't be returning for another season, which means that there are only two episodes left. The next episode of Heroes: Reborn one is titled 1×12 ‘Company Woman’ and it will air on NBC on Thursday, January [...]

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[Photos] Heroes: Reborn 1×10 ’11:53 to Odessa’ Promotional Pictures FALL FINALE

NBC has released some pictures from Heroes: Reborn's fall finale, 1×10 ’11:53 to Odessa’, check them out below! SPOILER WARNING Airing on Thursday, November 19th on NBC, the fall finale of Heroes: Reborn is titled 1×10 ’11:53 to Odessa’. The show will return for the final 3 episodes in 2016. Tommy (Robbie Kay) must decide how humanity will [...]

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[Photos] Heroes: Reborn 1×09 ‘Sundae, Bloody Sundae’ Promotional Pictures & Official Synopsis

All new this Thursday, Heroes: Reborn is back with the episode 1×09 ‘Sundae, Bloody Sundae’, check out some promotional pictures below! SPOILER WARNING! Trailer 1×09 ‘Sundae, Bloody Sundae’  Ops, things are getting messy for Emily in the next episode of Heroes: Reborn, which airs this Thursday, November 12th on NBC and is titled 1×09 ‘Sundae, Bloody Sundae’. After [...]

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[Video] Heroes: Reborn 1×09 ‘Sundae, Bloody Sundae’ Trailer and synopsis

Heroes: Reborn returns next week with an all new episode, 1x09 'Sundae, Bloody Sundae', watch the trailer above! SPOILERS This episode of Heroes: Reborn airs on Thursday, November 12th at 8/7c on NBC and is titled 1x09 'Sundae, Bloody Sundae'. In this trailer we can see that Noah (Jack Coleman) will find out about Quentin's (Henry Zebrowski) betrayal [...]

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[Photos] Heroes: Reborn 1×08 ‘June 13th – Part Two’ Promotional Pictures

Heroes: Reborn is back on Thursday with an all new episode, 1×08 ‘June 13th – Part Two’, and NBC has released some promotional pictures. SPOILERS Trailer 1×08 ‘June 13th – Part Two’ Check out below some images from Heroes: Reborn upcoming episode, titled 1×08 ‘June 13th – Part Two’, which airs this Thursday, November 5th on NBC. In [...]

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[Photos] Heroes: Reborn 1×07 ‘June 13th – Part One’ Promotional Pictures

Heroes: Reborn is all new next Thursday on NBC with the episode, 1x07 'June 13th - Part One', check out some promotional pictures below! SPOILERS Trailer 1x07 'June 13th - Part One' NBC has released promotional pictures for the first part of two episodes that will focus on what happens in June 13th, 2014 that will air on Thursday, October 29th. The [...]

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