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[Video] Shadowhunters 1×03 ‘Dead Man’s Party’ Trailer

Shadowhunters returns next week with the episode 1×03 ‘Dead Man’s Party’, check out the trailer above! SPOILER WARNING Promotional Pictures 1×03 ‘Dead Man’s Party’ Freeform airs the next episode of Shadowhunters, titled 1×03 ‘Dead Man’s Party’, on January 26th. Simon is in danger and Clary will do whatever it takes to rescue him. Jace and the other shadowhunters will be forced to decide whether [...]

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[Photos] Shadowhunters 1×03 ‘Dead Man’s Party’ Promotional Pictures and Synopsis

Shadowhunters premieres this month and new promotional pictures for the episode 1×03 'Dead Man’s Party' have been released. SPOILER WARNING Freeform (ABC Family) will air the season premiere of Shadowhunters in January 12th, and the episode 1×03 'Dead Man’s Party' will air on January 26th. In these pictures we can see Simon with the vampire Camille at the [...]

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[Video] Shadowhunters ‘Hidden War’ Trailer

A new trailer for Shadowhunters' season one has been released, check it out above! SPOILERS Shadowhunters series premiere is titled 1×01 ‘The Mortal Cup’ and it airs on Tuesday, January 12th on Freeform (ABC Family). This new video is plenty of new footage from the main characters, the villains and it shows some intel about the story that focuses around Clary's [...]

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[Photos] Shadowhunters 1×02 ‘The Descent Into Hell is Easy’ Promotional Pictures & Synopsis

Shadowhunters premieres next month and promotional pictures from the episode 1x02 'The Descent Into Hell is Easy' have been released! SPOILER WARNING Freeform (ABC Family) have released some promotional pictures for the second episode of Shadowhunters, which is titled 1x02 'The Descent Into Hell is Easy' and will air on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016. In these photos [...]

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[Photos] Shadowhunters 1×01 ‘The Mortal Cup’ Promotional Pictures and Synopsis

Shadowhunters will premiere in January and some promotional pictures from the first episode have been released. SPOILERS ABC Family (that will become Freeform soon) will air the first episode of Shadowhunters on Tuesday, January 12th, which is titled 1x01 'The Mortal Cup'. More than 40 promotional and behind the scenes pictures from the series premiere reveal [...]

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