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[Video] The Librarians 2×10 ‘… And the Final Curtain’ Trailer and synopsis SEASON FINALE

The season two finale of The Librarians airs this Sunday, the episode 2×10 ‘… And the Final Curtain’, watch the trailer above! SPOILER WARNING The Librarians arrive to an end of season two this Sunday, December 27th on TNT with an episode titled 2×10 ‘… And the Final Curtain’, but do not worry, the show has been renewed for [...]

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[Video] The Librarians 2×09 ‘… And the Happily Ever Afters’ Trailer and synopsis

The Librarians are back on Sunday with an all new episode, 2×09 ‘… And the Happily Ever Afters’, check out the trailer above! SPOILERS Noah Wyle returns in the next episode of The Librarians, titled 2×09 ‘… And the Happily Ever Afters’ which airs on Sunday, December 20th on TNT. Almost all the team, Baird (Rebecca Romijn), Stone [...]

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[Video] The Librarians 2×07 ‘…And the Image of Image’ Trailer and synopsis

The Librarians are back this Sunday on TNT with an all new episode, 2×07 ‘…And the Image of Image’, watch the trailer above! SPOILERS The next episode of The Librarians is titled 2×07 ‘…And the Image of Image’ and it airs on Sunday, December 6th on TNT. The team: Baird (Rebecca Romijn), Stone (Christian Kane), Cassandra (Lindy Booth) and [...]

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[Video] The Librarians 1×07 ‘And The Rule of Three’ & 1×08 ‘And the Heart of Darkness’ Trailer & Synopsis

The Librarians is back with two episodes this Sunday, titled 1x07 'And The Rule of Three' and 1x08 'And the Heart of Darkness'. Watch the trailer above and read their synopsis below: 1×07 “And the Rule of Three” – Sunday, Jan. 11, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) When a group of competitive high-school students start undercutting each other [...]

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