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[Video] The Musketeers 1×03 – Trailer

The Musketeers are dispatched to Le Havre to collect the infamous merchant trader and explorer Bonnaire and bring him back to Paris to be reprimanded for breaking France’s trade treaty. This straightforward mission soon descends into a treacherous battle, as they must defeat Bonnaire’s surprising number of enemies. Athos is forced to confront his past, [...]

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The Musketeers photos of the first episode

This Sunday begins the new BBC series called The Musketeers and new photos have been released! This new series is based on the book by Alexandre Dumas, “the three musketeers” and tells the story of Aramis (Santiago Cabrera), D’Artganan (Luke, Pasqualino), Porthos (Howard Charles) and Athos (Tom Burke): a group of elite soldiers of the [...]

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The Musketeers Fotos del Primer Capítulo

Este domingo empieza la nueva serie de la BBC llamada The Musketeers y han salido nuevas fotos del primer capítulo. Esta nueva serie está basada en el libro de Alejandro Dumas, “Los tres mosqueteros” y cuenta la historia de Aramis (Santiago Cabrera), D’Artganan (Luke Pasqualino), Porthos (Howard Charles) y Athos (Tom Burke): un grupo de [...]

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